Make CATopia Real

Belly Chakra: Pleasure, Desire screen capture

A project by Ben Kinsley & Jessica Langley as part of the SPACES World Artist Program (SWAP). 2011-2012.
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Make CATopia Real is a campaign aimed at the realization of a physical utopian cat park (location TBD). To begin this long-term project Kinsley and Langley will conduct a series of video interviews with Cleveland-area cats discussing what utopia means to them. With their human companions serving as translators, the artists gather vital information in order to generate a visual lexicon for the ultimate design of CATopia. These interviews and corresponding visualizations will be presented via an online portal where cat-lovers from around the world will be able to participate in the devotion of this mythic goal. Additional data will be collected during events and activities held at SPACES throughout the SWAP residency period.

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