Jessica Langley is an artist currently based in Colorado



“No tree is an individual; all are communities of organisms changing throughout the life and death of a given tree. A tree is a microcosm of all the kingdoms of life. Know a single tree thoroughly and you know more about the life and evolution than any world traveler can ever hope to attain.” 

– Gary Lincoff

Using foraged materials, fresco, digital print, sculpture, and collage I explore hierarchical structures in order to de-center the human subject from the conversation around landscape, and I investigate how the inter-related dualities of abstraction/representation and the objective/subjective perspectives complicate this relationship. My work considers how cultural symbols of nature and certain representations of landscape are experienced both directly and through the mediated and sublimated image.

I think about the process of the foray, how the forager follows instincts and senses rather than a planned route. The collages combine paintings made using gouache, watercolor and ink on handmade paper from saprobic fungi which has been cast onto up-cycled scraps of polystyrene. The paintings reference networks, doodles, and systems – wandering and indeterminacy.

My interest in landscape and environment and how the totality of our actions amount to our present day climate crisis overlaps with my interest in mycology, the study of mushrooms. Both offer an excuse to pay closer attention to my surroundings when I am out foraging, exploring, or practicing a walking meditation, helping me to understand my role in an ecosystem. Mycology has opened my mind to the potential that role that fungi have in a climate solution, and through my art practice my goal is to develop sustainable practices while also developing an alternative narrative structure to the existential crisis felt so deeply due to climate change. I am interested in the precariousness of place and the adaptability of humanity in relation to environment.

The title of my most recent body of work, “Is–ness,” refers to the psychedelic experience of seeing the inter-connectedness and “intrinsic significance” of all things that Aldous Huxley described in Doors of Perception. When a mushroom forager tries to know a mushroom, she also winds up learning about the trees, the weather, the altitude of a place. She knows the smell, and what other animals may be lurking around. The mushroom forager begins to understand these relationships when wandering, and the psychedelic experience can exalt that feeling towards the spiritual, perhaps giving greater meaning to life itself. Saprobic fungi decompose matter and are essential to Earth’s ecosystems. There is new research in the field of Mycology, the study of mushrooms, that reveals more about the ecosystems beneath our feet, and the potential that mushrooms have to undo some of the environmental havoc of the Anthropocene.

In Timothy Morton’s pessimistic vision, he writes, “Hyperobjects have already had a significant impact on human social and psychic space. Hyperobjects are directly responsible for what I call the end of the world, rendering both denialism and apocalyptic environmentalism obsolete.” However,  I explore how the metaphorical relationship between handmade paper from foraged mushrooms and petroleum-based, “hyper objects” like polystyrene is suggestive of the potential mushrooms have to breakdown petroleum-based materials, offering a small symbol of hope, if not an antidote, in an otherwise hopeless climate crisis.


Jessica Langley (b. 1981, USA) is a multimedia artist. She has exhibited her work internationally, and has been an artist-in-residence in numerous programs including Skaftfell Center of Visual Art in Iceland, Askeaton Contemporary Art in Ireland, the SPACES World Artist Program in Cleveland, and the Digital Painting Atelier at OCAD-U in Toronto. She was a recipient of the J. William Fulbright Scholarship for research in Iceland, and earned her MFA from Virginia Commonwealth University in 2008. She is an amateur mycologist, and her artwork and writing have been published in the New York Mycological Society Newsletter, New American Paintings, NPR, Hyperallergic, and Temporary Art Review.



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Virginia Commonwealth Graduate Student Travel Grant, Pittsburgh, PA

Wendy L. Moore Emerging Artist Series Finalist, MOCA, Cleveland, OH
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Joseph McCullough Scholarship for Excellence in Painting, Cleveland Institute of Art, Cleveland, OH

Multicraft Award for Excellence in Painting, 58th Annual Student Independent Exhibition, Cleveland, OH
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