g00g13 34r+h

g00g13 34r+h at SPACES
on view January 29 – March 25, 2016
The Vault, SPACES Gallery
Cleveland, OH

featuring video works by:

Ad Minoliti (Buenos Aires, AR)
Leslie Thornton (Providence, RI)
Julie Grosche (Richmond, VA/New York, NY)
Jerstin Crosby (Hampton Bays, NY)
Leah Beeferman (Brooklyn, NY)


Leslie Thornton, Novel City (film still) 2008, 7:40 min, color, sound.

g00g13 34r+h, is a collection of video works with intersecting subject matter: space and terrain. Engaging a variety of perspectives from the microscopic, to the outsider, to the omniscient, these works engage in this dynamic of looking, watching, and examining up close and far out.

These works dismantle hierarchies through varying points of view and new proposals. In one video we see a casual observance of other visitors wandering in a desert. In another is a mysteriously rendered molten asteroid pummeling towards an unspecified location. We see cold presentations dissecting the definition of empty space and the proliferation of a Mondrian as a tool to investigate trans-human utopia. There is a reframing of a horse rider as a geological object.

The title of this collection refers to both the tool and the action required for utilization. The corporation represents ultimate power, in this socio-political age, yet the dichotomy of Google is one that anonymously collects data, yet shares information freely. By framing these works around this ubiquitous mapping mechanism, we provide an analysis to how we see. Within this collection is a questioning of the role of the artist and viewer, how we see and create an object, a place, or a landscape.