Heidi Hove, Nobody Sees the Trouble You See, light rope, galvanized steel, 13ft x 1 ft, 2016; Andrea Bergart, Rainbow Sherbert, painting on silk, 84×84 inches, 2015; Rachel B. Hayes, “Flow Riotous,” sewn polyester, vinyl, nylon satin, 2015; Michael Rocco Ruglio-Misurell, “Object 55,” Laundry drying rack, fiberglass mesh, enamel paint, spray paint, zip ties, galvanized steel, 2016. 

Stephen and George Laundry Line

The Stephen and George Laundry Line was a site for public art, active from May 2015 through January 2018. It operated as a site for public art on a laundry line in Ridgewood, Queens
The definition of spectacle has etymological roots in the Latin word, specere, to look. By using the laundry line as a stage for a highly local display, the Stephen and George Laundry Line attempts to highlight the voyeuristic aspect of living in a city. The shared backyard spaces in city blocks are sites for daily and accepted public displays of intimates accessed only by a string, but on the ground, they are more often forgotten, even forbidden places to the people who share it.

The Stephen and George Laundry Line is a space where the act of looking is celebrated and encouraged.

visit sglaundryline.tumblr.com for more information and to see more projects!

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