Installation view, Is-ness I-IX, UCCS Galleries of Contemporary Art, Colorado Springs, CO, Jan 31-May 12, 2019 Is-ness The title, “Is-ness,” refers to the psychedelic experience of seeing the inter-connectedness and “intrinsic significance” of all things that Aldous Huxley described in Doors of Perception. The collages combine paintings made using gouache, watercolor and ink on handmade paper from …

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Straw House

Straw House This work is a collection of sculptures made using the true fresco method on erosion blocking straw wattles. I am working with fresco on different found materials, continuing in my research into our present state of climate precariousness and abstraction of place. I am a new transplant in the Rocky Mountain Region of …

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Installation view, By Cooling Shade, Hilsbach Kunst Kulture, Germany, 2017 Saprophytes This work was made during a residency and exhibition at Hilsbach Kunst Kultur in July 2017 and featured in an exhibition titled “By Cooling Shade.” This handmade paper is made from polypore mushrooms found in forests near Hilsbach and Berlin. I am using text along …

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Possible Object

Installation view, Event Horizon, SPACE Gallery, Pittsburgh, USA, 2018 Possible Object These works reference the missing Malaysian Airlines flight from March 2014. Possible Object: Ind O I-VII is a series which combines a seemingly objective depiction of the Indian Ocean (screen captures from Google Earth of the sea floor). The sea floor stands as a site …

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Color Studies

Color Studies/ Small Works This collage series is an experimentation with image and collage, existing between screen, print, and painting. All are roughly 11×14″.

Color Divers

  Color Divers Color Divers is a commission by Electric Objects. This work explores the intersection of the handmade and the digital. Scanning watercolor paintings, I create colorful backdrops onto which I layer rotoscoped animations of people diving off cliffs. The series isolates the action, stripping it of danger to allow the viewer to appreciate …

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Flat Screen I-III

Installation view, Flat Screens, Pittsburgh Biennial, Miller Gallery, Pittsburgh, PA, 2014 Flat Screens I-III Flat Screen I-III are stop-motion animations, depicting three seasonal wreaths which have been reanimated, as if blown by a breeze, projected onto poured glass puddles. The wreath is an ancient symbol of an entrance to a spiritual realm. Within the central area of …

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View Finder

Installation view, Stellar Cartography, Los Ojos, Brooklyn, NY, 2016 View Finder This body of work borrows images directly from the screen, exploring the omniscient point of view. Screen captures of the screen saver gradient are printed and mounted on to shaped panels. Satellite images of sites in the American West are plucked from outer space. These …

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Installation view, Voids, STLCC Forest Park Gallery of Contemporary Art, St. Louis, MO, 2013 Voids Voids is comprised of a series paintings, collages, and animations. The works layer painted, gestural and architectural marks with painted images from the Hubble telescope, digital screen savers, and Romantic skies, creating tension between abstraction and allegorical representation. Torn images of …

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Killin’ It

Installation view, Killin’ It, Skylab Gallery, Columbus, OH, 2012 Killin’ It This work envisions a world that is being smothered out.  An abstract form runs throughout, appearing as a black blob, a gestural mark, or an enveloping slime, continually destroying her images of landscape. Jessica’s narrative unfolds in three parts: “What Stranger Things,” “Search and …

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Outfitters These paintings are of objects which abstract images of the forest. These are sometimes isolated or placed within a disintegrating landscape, an abstracted landscape, or an imagined landscape. Each object is used to protect her from nature and also bring her closer to it. These works represent the ongoing investigation into the contemporary transcendental …

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Search for Gold

Search for Gold A selection from a series of works on paper made during a year spent in Iceland on a J. William Fulbright Scholarship and Leifur Eiriksson Foundation Scholarship in 2008-2009. These works are inspired by a local myth which states that only a young, unbaptized woman who hikes to the top of the …

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The Aww

  Installation view, MFA Exhibition: The Aww, Anderson Gallery, Richmond, VA 2008 The Aww This series emphasizes various tropes of painting from Romantic landscapes to Abstract Expressionist “inscapes.” The seriousness of the images is both underscored and uprooted in the playful pairing of subject matter (the cat towers) and the way in which it is painted …

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